Dedicated Servers

What servers are called “dedicated”? Not the AIs who are totally devoted to humans, not that. The term is used in relation to a specific type of server (web hosting provider), used by his clients – websites owners.

Hosting providers are necessary to run a website. There are free servers which allow people to start small websites for their personal purposes. For example, free servers are the best option for a family website, with your own ads on the page to bring you profit. This type of servers is mostly used by individuals, not by the businesses.

Another type of hosting provider is called “shared server”. Shared servers host business websites for the companies who exist online. Several companies can come together and share payments for one server, which can be very expensive (up to thousands of dollars per year). They save their funds and can invest it to business.

Which company can benefit from using a shared sever? It’s a perfect decision for a small internet-based business or for a personal website. Due to their small size, they don’t need shared servers. Companies on the initial stage of existence can also benefit from sharing the costs for hosting with other start-ups.

In the meanwhile, when the business grows and expands, it needs more and more space: webinars, forums, bonus programs, customer support – all this requires more space than a shares server is ready to provide.

If you have already encountered this issue, it’s time to think about the last hosting provider type – dedicated server. This server will host only one website for one company-user. You will be able to manage server space according to you needs and business plans, not caring about the amount of data that you want to present on the website.

Building your website on a dedicated server is profitable for many reasons. Firstly, dedicated server means control and freedom to add anything to the site, expand it and better secure it. Secondly, the more space you have on server, the better you site works.

Of course, the maintenance price of a dedicated server is higher than that of shared or free ones. However, it’s easy to find a dedicated server online according to your budget.

Just think about all the problems that you can avoid with dedicated server:

- Access issues for a client due to the lack of bandwidth, losing disappointed clients who couldn’t even enter the site;

- Security issues: data lifting, attacks, mistrust from customers;

- Limitations that interfere with website’s natural growth and lead to outflow.

Dedicated servers solve all these issues. Shared servers are a good temporary decision, but a dedicated server is an investment in business growth. With additional space, increased bandwidth and enhanced security you can be sure that your website is your reliable instrument.

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